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On behalf of the General Counsel for a large property management company, investigated suspected identity theft being conducted by an employee. Investigation determined the employee had been hired, and was operating under an assumed name and had a prolific criminal history in another state for identity theft. Over 300 victims were identified. This case was referred to, and accepted by a local jurisdiction and ultimately prosecuted Federally.

 A corporate entity could not not complete a commercial real estate sale as the location of one of the original signatories/financiers was unknown and he had not been in communication since the late 1990s. It was assumed he was deceased due to his age. He was located and contacted in the Middle East. Documents were signed and the transaction completed.

 Conducted long term multi state investigation for law firm representing a major hospital group.

 A woman born in the late 1960’s, who knew little of her birth father, developed serious medical issues. It became important to find the father to learn his family medical history. Working with an incomplete name and incorrect year of birth, the father was identified, tracked through various prison systems and eventually located and contacted in a remote part of the country.

 On behalf of a family, investigated a suicide to determine accuracy of original findings.

 Conducted investigation on behalf of Plaintiff’s attorney of large retail corporation relative to termination practices. Over thirty interviews conducted.

 For a Family law attorney conducted a child custody investigation;  background research and surveillance identified substance abuse and illegal drug transactions; all captured on video.

 Investigated and resolved identity theft case involving a Silicon Valley, high net worth individual.

Coordinated security related due diligence investigation and surveillance in Indonesia.


Completed a physical security assessment of a private Christian School in Amman, Jordan.

Completed a physical security plan and assessment for a recovery center for victims of juvenile sex trafficking in Hawaii.

Conducting long term corporate security assessment and Active Shooter Prevention and Response training for manufacturing business with facilities and personnel in multiple states.

Conducted executive protection for medical research team attending conferences in London, England.

For one corporate entity, have provided travel related executive protection in multiple states and countries.

Conducted Post Incident Review of a college campus shooting that resulted in a homicide. Documented and presented findings and recommendations.

Conducted threat assessment for public utility relative to threats leveled by a terminated employee.




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